Organizations and Services Providing Brain Injury Information, Services & Support
Name Contribution
Dr. John Baird, Markham Chiropractic Centre Dr. Baird works with a lot of brain-injured patients. One survivor found his treatments (combined with deep massages) dramatically reduced the stiffness in their neck, improved their neck's range of motion and also increased their cognitive stamina. There are several positive reviews from other brain-injured people receiving his treatments.
Baycrest Hospital Brain Health Complex Baycrest is a leader in cognitive neuroscience and memory research, with the goal of transforming the journey of aging. More...
Brain Injury Association of Canada Information to improve the quality of life for all Canadians affected by acquired brain injury as well as promoting its prevention
Brain Injury Association of Peel Halton (BIAPH) Enhances the quality of life for persons in the region(s) of Peel and Halton who are living with the effects of an acquired brain injury through: education, awareness, support, advocacy and prevention.
Brain Injury Services Provides a full range of rehabilitation programs and services for individuals living with the effects of acquired brain injuries. Offer everything from supervised 24-hour-a-day complex residential care, to transitional living arrangements, to independent living supported by an extensive community services program.

Outreach service area includes Hamilton, Burlington, Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk. Fee-for-service division also includes Niagara.
Brain Injury Society of Toronto Supports ABI survivors and their family members. Programs include:
  • Community meetings
  • Social drop-in programs
  • Family support program
  • Peer support mentoring
  • Personal development workshops
  • Social events
  • ABI awareness
Brampton Civic Hospital Rehabilitation Services Outpatient rehabilitation, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech language therapy for patients who have been discharged from hospital, but need ongoing therapy.
Canadian Sport Concussion Project The world's first program dedicated to a four pronged approach to concussions - research, education, diagnosis and treatment. The project is based at the Krembil Neuroscience Centre at the University Health Network's Toronto Western Hospital, and is led by internationally acclaimed concussion expert, Dr. Charles Tator. The team includes world leaders in brain injuries, imaging, genetics, clinical care and psychiatry using the repetitive concussions that occur in sports to shed light into concussions that could affect all of us.
Kiara Galbreath, MD, Burlington Ontario A recommended Naturopath.
Hamilton Health Sciences Brain Injury The Acquired Brain Injury Program (ABIP) serves the needs of adults with acquired brain injuries and their families.
Dr. John D. Kay, Neurologist, London, Ontario A mother of a teenager with lasting symptoms from a concussion indicated "He was fabulous. He was much better at explaining things and helping than the resource provided through the hospital."
Dr. Lawrence Komer Dr. Komer has been restoring hormones in brain injured patients for many years
Dr. Blair Lamb Often in an accident involving a head injury there is also a whiplash. The symptoms of Post Concussion Syndrome and whiplash are very similar. Dr Lamb can help with the neck and back issues.
Neurotalk Support Groups Provides an online forum for asking questions and reviewing threads related to acquired brain injury.
Ontario Brain Injury Association Provides education, awareness & support for people with acquired brain injury
Parachute Canada Parachute is a national, charitable organization, formed in July 2012, which unites the former organizations of Safe Communities Canada, Safe Kids Canada, SMARTRISK and ThinkFirst Canada into one strong leader in injury prevention.
Mind Foward Brain Injury Services Provides community based rehabilitation and life-long support for adults who live with the effects of acquired brain injury. Formerly known as PHDABIS, "Peel Halton Dufferin Acquired Brain Injury Services".

(Non-profit charitable organization, funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, the Mississauga Halton LHIN and the Central West LHIN)
Dr. Savelli, Neurologist Highly rated Hamilton-based neurologist who is very familiar with brain injury.
Toronto ABI Network Improves the quality and accessibility of publicly-funded service for individuals affected by ABI. Connects people to ABI services. To gain access to brain injury services in Toronto ON you need to go through the Toronto Acquired Brain Injury Network. This is necessary to gain access to the brain injury doctors at St. Michael's Hospital or Sunnybrook or to access other brain injury agencies and services in the Greater Toronto Area.
Toronto Rehab Institute Provide treatment to people with moderate to severe brain injury.
Toronto Western Hospital (University Health Network) - Krembil Neuroscience Centre Offers specialized care to patients suffering a wide array of neurological disorders
Vestibular & Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (VOR Physiotherapy), Waterloo ON Physiotherapists who specialize in the treatment of dizziness, vertigo, and jaw disorders.

Vestibular physiotherapist Matthew Aggerholm.
Dr. Michael Zitney Medical Director for the Headache and Pain Relief Centre for 21 years until it closed in 2017.

I was a patient of his while he was there and I feel his suggested changes in my medications as well as suggested alternative therapies helped reduce the severity and frequency of my brain injury-related headaches.

Dr Zitney now works at the Toronto Headache & Pain Clinic at 801 York Mills Rd, Suite 209, Toronto.
Organizations and Services That Address Vision Issues After Concussion
Name Contribution
Axon Optics Research company that sells the original proprietary SpectraShield blend of the FL-41 tint, which helps people with light sensitivity (photophobia), migraine, blepharospasm, and other conditions exacerbated by light.
Cocoons Low Vision Sunglasses Sunglasses that block varying degrees of blue light (which may help with insomnia issues) and assist those with light sensitivity issues.
College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) A non-profit, international membership association of eye care professionals including optometrists, optometry students, and vision therapists. COVD provides board certification for optometrists and vision therapists who are prepared to offer state-of-the-art services in behavioral and developmental vision care, vision therapy, neuro-optometric rehabilitation.
Facey, Dr. Breanne of TracyBrodie & Associates, Optometrists Vision Therapist, Burlington Ontario

A support group friend remarked: "She is excellent. She is very knowledgeable in the understanding of vision and impact on brain, and vice versa. I have gained, and learned much while in her care."
Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association International (NORA) An inter-disciplinary group of professionals dedicated to providing patients who have physical or cognitive disabilities as a result of an acquired brain injury with a complete ocular health evaluation and optimum visual rehabilitation education and services to improve their quality of life. Includes a list of optometrists who have received advanced education in treating people who have had a brain injury.
Dr. Tanya Polonenko She is the doctor who managed my vision therapy at University of Waterloo. She was teaching vision therapy to optometry students. I felt she understood what was wrong with the connection between my eyes and my brain and I trusted her.
TheraSpecs Produces precision tinted (FL-41) eyewear that filter out the harmful light that triggers migraines, headaches, eyestrain and painful light sensitivity.
Tools, Tips & Techniques for Cognitive Issues
Name Description
Baycrest Hospital Brain Health Food Guide An Evidence-Based Approach to Healthy Eating for the Aging Brain
Cognitive and Behavioural Changes and Strategies Useful resource provided by the State of Queensland, Australia (Queensland Health)
Memory and Learning After Brain Injury Useful resource provided by the State of Queensland, Australia (Queensland Health)
Coping with Memory Problems: Practical Strategies This document can be searched for and downloaded from the UK charity Headway - the brain injury association. Headway is a UK-wide charity that works to improve life after brain injury. They provide related support and information services.
Using Memory Strategies after Brain Injury Useful resource provided by the State of Queensland, Australia (Queensland Health)
Attention and Concentration After Brain Injury Useful resource provided by the State of Queensland, Australia (Queensland Health)
Problem Solving Useful resource provided by the State of Queensland, Australia (Queensland Health)
Study Skills Study Skills - targeted to students but contain suggestions helpful to anyone with a brain injury (even if you are not currently a student). Useful resource provided by the State of Queensland, Australia (Queensland Health)
Other Resources
Name Description
Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones Noise cancelling headphones assist one in participating in "normal" life despite noise sensitivities. QC 20 in-ear models are discreet enough to wear in most situations and work well.
Breakthrough with Michael Pipich (radio show) An interview with Gail Denton, author of "Brainlash: Maximize your Recovery from Mild Brain Injury"
Canadian Red Cross Provides transportation (for a fee) to medical appointments. Contact your local branch. - A service of the U.S. National Institutes of Health A registry and results database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies of human participants conducted around the world.

(I found it helpful to read about the brain injury studies currently under way. It helped me see where the research is headed and it gave me a couple tips to try on my own at home.)
Easter Seals Canada Access 2 Card Easter Seals Canada manages an accessible customer service program called the Access 2 Entertainment program. The Access 2 program helps businesses provide quality customer service for guests with permanent disabilities. Through the program, people with disabilities who require a support person carry a personalized Access 2 card with them (an authorized healthcare provider certifies the need for an attendant during the application process). The card indicates to the ticket seller that the individual requires the support of an attendant. Participating venues grant 1 free admission for the support person while the person with the disability pays the regular admission fee.
Partners for Planning (P4P) "Who will love and protect our sons and daughters with a disability when we no longer can?"

In 2014 Partners for Planning launched the P4P Planning Network as a response to this pressing question. Every resource is designed specifically for you - the relative, friend or caregiver of a person with a disability. Families must envision, strategize and above all, take action. The Planning Network helps you navigate each step and life stage, empowering you with all the right tools and inspiration along the way.
Northeast Center for Rehabilitation and Brain Injury Podcast on headaches after traumatic brain injury
Yoga Nidra Recommended by some brain injury support group members because it is so calming and relaxes the mind.

Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep guides you into a state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleeping. The "going-to-sleep" stage is typically induced by a guided meditation known as Yoga Nidra. The experience guides you into a deep brain-wave state - one that can't be reached through conventional sleep. Each time you practice yoga Nidra, you're stilling the waves of the mind through conscious entry into the sleep state, relieving stress and anxiety, aiding in relaxation.

One example of many.

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