One of the two support groups I used is called BIAPH (Brain Injury Association of Peel and Halton).

They have a chapter in Georgetown, Brampton, Mississauga & Burlington. Each chapter meets once a month and the dates for the whole year are listed on BIAPH's website. They do not meet during July and August. They often have guest speakers come and talk about something relevant to brain injured people. I go to the Georgetown and the Burlington meetings.

You can start coming to the meetings without really becoming a member of BIAPH or paying a fee (although paying the membership fee is recommended and supports the good work they do).

There is a survey on the OBIA website and if you complete the survey you automatically become a member of OBIA. You can pick a membership at a local brain injury organization and you get a free membership to that organization as well. If you do the survey you could pick BIAPH as your local brain injury organization.

I also joined PHDABIS (Peel Halton Dufferin Brain Injury Services).

It took me almost a year to get in, but once I was in, it was good. They have an office in Mississauga and one in Orangeville. They gave me access to an OHIP-covered counsellor and an OHIP-covered neuropsychiatrist. They can also give you a case manager if they decide you need it. They have various groups that get together. They have some clients who go there every day and do activities together. I went to the Orangeville office once a week for 8 weeks in a row in the winter of 2016 to attend a "Stress Management and Relaxation" group. They do outings as well (to restaurants etc).

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