"Traumatic brain injury is the most misunderstood, misdiagnosed, underfunded public health problem our nation faces."

— Susan Connors, president of the Brain Injury Association of America


I Wanted My Brain Back

This great survivor story by Sherri Dalphonse is worth a read: I Wanted My Brain Back

Is reading difficult? Listen to the story here.


How I Survived a Brain Injury

Dianne's story of her brain injury and daily battles. Read: How I Survived a Brain Injury


Unmasking Brain Injury

There is a worldwide initiative called "unmasking brain injury". Brain injury survivors try to paint/style a mask that depicts what they are going through. Then they write an explanation to go along with it. Once a year there will be an event where everyone at the same time wears and then takes off their masks. The masks are then displayed in a public space. The Unmasking Brain Injury website shows past masks and the stories that go along with them.



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